We Are Sub Creators - Part 1

Sub Creator


I want to propose one thing that I believe it means to carry the image of God. This is not definitive by any means but rather a definition to help us with our ability to relate and understand our gifts and abilities in the context of being “creative” or an “artist”.  We call this sub-creation.

Submission can be defined as the acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the power of one's superior or superiors. It can also be an act of submitting or the condition of having submitted.

Our culture has a problem with submission. We want to be our own final authority and generally have no intention of following anybody who may make us do something that we might not want to do, even if it is best for us. This is a systemic problem that began with the fall.

Anyone who has ever disciplined a child knows the difference between submission and rebellion. A child generally wants what it wants and will do anything to get it. This is called sin.

It is also the state we all live in without Christ. We distrust God and His authority, his sovereignty, and His goodness. We see suffering and assume there is no good in it, or ask how a good God could allow people whom we declare innocent to die or suffer. Even this line of questioning is sinful. I know that sounds controversial (and it is) but hear me out.

Sin is not just our moral behavior, but it is the simple fact that we ascribe meaning, value, and worth to ourselves from things outside of God himself.

We like to dictate our own truth and our own identity. We say things like “I am an artist” or “I am a lawyer.” We define ourselves by our actions instead of defining ourselves as children of God.

On the negative side, we define ourselves by our sin or our faults.  We say that we are addicts, abusers and victims. That something else controls or compels us out of control.

All of these things are partial truths but we end up deriving our worth and identity based on the work we do or on the sin we have acted out or others have committed against us, and that in and of itself is sin.

Sin attacks the core and goes straight for a fight against God Himself. The acts of sin we commit are (as I said earlier) a systemic problem with a heart that has declared itself as God, and has become self-protective. The heart is our core or center. It is the place that underneath all things drives us. Naturally our heart takes us where we want to go. Sin is in our heart this is why we need regeneration. We need a new heart. We need Jesus. He is the savior who has come to rescue us from the entrapment's of sin and death

Written by Jeff Bettger Via Locust and Honey