Beatboxing: International Community PART II


Beatbox Battle World Champs.png

In my first blog I shared about my love for beatboxing and how it creates international community. I would like to share a little more on the subject.  As I began my venture into beatbox culture, there are three main places that I found community in the beatbox world online. The first is, the second is Beatbox Battle TV, and the third is was started just over 10 years ago.  It is one of the main forums for beatboxers to communicate with each other about battles and various beatbox events, and it offers tutorials  for creating different sounds.

Beatbox Battle TV is known for its great interviews of beatboxers. It posts videos of battles from around the world hosted by a beatbox champion known as Bee Low. Bee Low is easily the greatest beatbox battle host who has ever lived. The phrases “We are family,” “Big up!” and “Maximum respect” are common at beatbox events because of him. The battles he hosts always end with a hug of respect like at the Beatbox Battle World Champs 2012. is perhaps the greatest source of random beatbox videos from all of the best beatboxers around the world. The website and YouTube channel  are hosted by  Pepouni, who is potentially the biggest beatbox  fan  who has ever lived. Pepouni has gained maximum respect in the beatboxing world.  Almost all of his posts garner thousands of hits, and beatboxers covet the chance to air one of their videos on his channel. 

I also have to give a shout out to Fat Tony, a tall, skinny, British white dude, because I learned a ton from his tutorials. Many have called him the big brother of beatbox, and he has certainly felt that way to me.

And really, if you are going to follow anyone in beatboxing, follow Reeps One. Reeps is another tall, skinny white dude from the UK who is, somehow, a complete powerhouse beatboxer. He’s the only beatboxer out there who does 40 minute sets by himself with no effects and no one to back him up. His skills are unmatched across the board (in my humble opinion).

He is especially known for his dubstep-style beatboxing, Of all beatboxers, he’s the one that I try most to emulate in terms of style. Some have joked that he is the lost son of Optimus Prime because of his beats and his subwoofer quality bass. Visit  his YouTube channel  for more, but here are a couple of the first videos I saw that got me hooked: 

And finally, to bring us back to community, here is a video of my Pastor Willie Will and me, literally taken from the middle of an interview I did for a youth ministry position at Mars Hill Church Rainier Valley.  

Peace, love, and beatbox,