Discovering Beauty



I've always been pretty good at getting lost in my thoughts. In grade school, the teacher would have to call my name to bring my attention back to class. I would always wonder about what was behind the constellations, what was before dinosaurs and time, and what lied behind the mountains that surrounded my city. At a subconscious level as a kid I always felt there was more, always having this sense of reverie.

I've always found it intriguing how when growing up there's certain things that just are. They were never discovered. When growing up you don’t remember the first time you realized their existence; like walking, what your favorite meal was as a child, or who your parents were, accepting them with no questioning. I think this is how I discovered beauty.

I’ve always tried to understand the difference between art and beauty. As far as I’ve concluded art is what is created by the inspiration of beauty. In one sense, the very concept of beauty can never be, and never was created ultimately by the hands of men; only discovered. The existence of beauty has just always been. It seems that mankind has always been on the responsive side of beauty; we’re always creating from the response to the beauty we’ve seen or experienced throughout our lives. It is as if throughout all of life, there is this grand production that is being put on through creation. It calls us to respond, to become apart, but in a sense we already are by just existing.

The ability to enjoy and express beauty through the arts is truly a magnificent gift. We see beauty all around us. We feel it inside of us cause it is part of us. It is why it so easily speaks to us, so we express it. We create and have the ability to enjoy the beauty of the arts like paintings, music, architecture, and plays. Films that move us, literature that inspires us. We create beautiful things by the inspiration of eternal beauty.

Not everyone will agree on where we should look and what we set as our standard of what we think is beautiful. This brings up many questions: what is the origin of beauty? Can we abuse this gift of beauty? And do we have a responsibility as creatives and creative enthusiasts to use the arts and beauty in a certain way? I have certainly discovered beauty, but certainly haven't fully understood it, and probably never will. These are some of my reflections on my pilgrimage of understanding the amazing gifts we call art and beauty.