Making Someone Feel At Home


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I was at breakfast with a friend recently and he was telling me about times where other people have disregarded him as a human being and just seemed to want things from him. Something he said keeps echoing inside of me; it was a statement spoken in honesty and I can’t help but feel like so many of us living and breathing today resonate with it.

You’re beautiful and I love you just because you exist.

We have the ability to communicate this message to every single human being we meet. Taking the time to stop and listen to someone’s story can change their life. Think about the times you have had the privilege of spilling your guts and being admired, not rejected, for it.

Making someone feel at home may not seem like art, but it is. Making someone feel at home fosters community and relationship. By creating an environment that gives people freedom to be themselves and receiving them just as they are, you can create homeIt can look different--from baking pies to sipping on coffee to sharing a meal to laughing until it hurts.

I’m glad for this eye opener that reminds me I can invite people in or leave them out. I hope to be a person that carries warmth and hope to people, that can make someone feel at home wherever we meet. I want to communicate the wonderful message of you’re beautiful and I love you just because you exist.