O Heaven and You


Dawn in Dandelions.jpg

Will heaven allow me

to be covered from head to toe

in stardust and moons

and the beauty of the galaxy

which You created so marvelously


Will heaven allow me

to peer into the construction of

all the brightness and chaos

that fills the deep sky

which You spoke into existence


I hope that i can

hold Your hand and gaze

in the most wide-eyed wonder

at Your brilliance that sparkles

in shouts throughout the curtain

that hangs above me every night


I hope that heaven allows me

to see it, to see soaring meteors

and great cosmos, bursting stars

and fiery fists of light, unknown

planets, and depths that i have

never known until i met You


When i see You face to face,

You will be the sun and You

will be every single candle,

firefly, lamp, city on a hill,

lantern, and every single

light that ever guided me



I will tremble from Your splendor

i will shake from Your face

because You will be radiant

like when the moon reflects the

sun and hangs orange and full

above the town, above the trees

and houses and city buildings

and my face will shine like the way

Moses’ face shone when he

encountered You

but there will be no veil and i will

hold Your hand and probably burst

from every seam You sewed me with


Will heaven allow me to get lost in the

sky and everything in it that You have

always held in Your hands?