AR Devotional

When we first thought about compiling a devotional of some sort we thought it a bit overwhelming task and we were not sure how to format it. We wanted to build something personal and testimonial as well as thought provoking for all involved. In the end we chose to let the person writing determine the portion they wrote. That way we make it a collective collaboration which is some of our main values for Artist Reformation.

In this year long devotional we sought to have a different author every month with various writing styles and formats. We sought for this little book to be designed in house and hope those who read it to glean a ton from it throughout the year. We hope for it to inspire creativity and closeness to Christ. 

In hopes of reflecting the same rawness, yet honestly and sometimes messiness of the writings of the AR devotional. We sought to bring out the same themes and emotions. We pray that it will encourage you to be open and honest to the Lord, as well as one another. We are excited to release this first devotional as a means of supporting the continual work of AR and a way to give people close to us a voice to speak about the things God is doing in theirs heads and hearts.

We are excited to open it up for sale starting today.