Hyphen - Aaron

A hyphen acts as a symbol that brings two separate words together to create one unified word, with new meaning. This symbol connects us, symbolically,  with those souls whose paths miraculously cross our own in this moment on earth. If by chance a hyphen is formed between the two, regardless of time or circumstance, these souls now have new meaning due to one another. We are simply people made up of other people. The hyphen connects. The hyphen creates. The hyphen paints the big picture. Writers for this blog series have chosen people in their lives whom they feel they'd be someone different, or less, without. Together they create new meaning.

By Aaron Peterson

The emotions run deep when I think of you

All the souls that I have allowed to wrap their deep seated love around my heart


"Thoughts are slow and deep and golden in the morning" - John Steinbeck, from Tortilla Flat

when I think of you


The people that have brought abundant purpose to my being

Do you understand my beloved how vital you have become?

How much We need you?

The whole world is screaming your name

In this moment you are light

on the morning of grey gloom

You shine brighter than any apathy

Heart felt love

Bless you