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    Seattle Chapel Sessions

    The Seattle Chapel Sessions was created to provide a space for local artists to share their stories through music and narrative. Hosted in a former Carmelite monastery built in 1908, the "Chapel" offers a unique and intimate experience for the artists and audience alike.

    Giving the artist enough time to share in between their set, than allowing for a Q&A allows for the artist and audience to explore music, their creative process, and humanities in creative community. 

    The Seattle Chapel Sessions is project presented by Artist Reformation. Artist Reformation seeks to care for culture by cultivating creative community.


    The Great Divorce

    Enlightening and provocative, C.S Lewis’ “The Great Divorce asks the question, “what would you choose over heaven?”. Filled with fable and allegory, we find each persona; “The Moralist”, “The Addict”, “The
    Self-loving Mother”, and others reveal ultimately what is most valuable to them.

    In the summer of 2016, Artist Reformation and Calvary: the Hill seek to
    collaborate with 7 filmmakers to create vignettes (less than 10 minutes, more than 4) from the storyline of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce.
    Each vignette will be complemented with a sermon at Calvary: the Hill in
    the Autumn of 2016.

    We will also host a screening of the whole project in its entirety and have a dialogue with the filmmakers at a local Seattle Venue. In hopes of furthering the project, AR and Calvary: the Hill will then take the project to Paris, France. Through invitations and by showing the trailer on the buildings of the city, the vignettes will then be shown at a nearby venue.